Initiatives & Campaigns

STD/STI Test form and vials
STD/STI Testing

Receive funding to cover our operational costs for provide our caring, confidential, and free services to current levels of clients is the priority, but we do plan for the possibility of expanding our services and reach to greater numbers of individuals throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

With God’s provision and through your generous support, we look forward to implementing the following non-budgeted initiatives in the future.

  • STD/STI Testing & Treatment  (Grant Received 05/17; Operational 08/17)
    • Annual Cost = $4,300; Cost per Client $43
    • Since most of our clients can be referred to other organizations who test and/or treat STD/STIs, we estimate that only 100 of our current clients would need this additional service from us. By collaborating with two other partners we can offer these clients free testing and treatment (if needed) for chlamydia & gonorrhea, two of the most prevalent and fastest growing STD/STIs.
  • Add Four Operational Hours per Week
    • Annual Cost = $20K; Cost per Client $78
    • We have been wanting to add operational hours so that we are open for more evening hours and/or on Saturdays. This would in turn make us a viable option for potential clients whose work prevents them from approaching us. This could allow us to see an additional 260 clients each year, and if we can find qualified volunteers the below costs could be much lower.
  • Roof Replacement
    • One Time Cost $12K; 
    • God blessed us with our current facility over 8 years ago, and while we are not quite sure of the age of the roof, we have been postponing addressing its deterioration for the past 3 years. We have received 3 bids so far for this project.
  • Utah County Satellite Center
    • Startup Costs:  $70K (Raised $18K); Yearly Operational Costs: $34K
    • For the past six years Utah County, which ranks 2nd in the most abortions performed in Utah, has not had a center such as the PRC for those confronted with unplanned pregnancies. Offering our Gospel and pro-life messages along with medical and counseling services and eventually adding additional programming in Utah County is the immediate goal.
  • Ultrasound Vehicle
    • Startup Costs:  $148K (Raised $28K); Yearly Operational Costs: $38K
    • This would enable us to reach potential clients who have limited access to health care services and are unable to travel to our center.
    • Possible locations and events to which this vehicle would be sent include; West Valley City, Tooele, Utah County, college campuses, state and county fairs, community events, etc.

For additional information about these initiatives please view the below PowerPoint presentation and/or contact our Executive Director (email; 801-994-4981).