Medical Services

Our Registered Nurses are supervised by our Medical Director who is a licensed OB/GYN.

Pregnancy Verification

Not sure if you are pregnant?  We utilize the Quick & Clear II pregnancy test which is very sensitive as it has an hCG detection level of 20 mIU/m.  Many over-the-counter pregnancy tests have hCG detection levels of 50 or even 100 mIU/m and are thus less sensitive than the Quick & Clear II.

Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound Exam

Within the first trimester of pregnancy our limited ultrasound exams can help to;

  • confirm pregnancy, 
  • check the fetal heartbeat, 
  • determine the gestational age of the baby, and 
  • diagnose an ectopic pregnancy (when the fetus does not attach to the uterus) or miscarriage.

Our exams will not diagnose gender, abnormalities, and/or other potential problems.

Like all of our caring and confidential services, we provide this to our clients for free.

Medical Referrals

When additional medical advice and/or treatment is needed, but we are unable to provide such, we will provide you with lists of other medical and/or community organizations that specialize in or provide such services.  If desired by you, we can assist you with making initial contact with any organization that you choose.

Sexual Health Information

Our nurses will provide you with medically accurate information during your appointment, and will do their best to either provide you with immediate answers to your questions or refer you to a reputable source.  Also, you will leave the PRC with online and/or printed resources to which you can refer whenever you want to dig a bit deeper or be reminded of details already discussed.