Pathway to Hope

You are not alone!

Following abortion, mothers and fathers may experience initial relief as the perceived crisis is over and life seemingly returns to normal.  However, for many the crisis is not over as significant unforeseen problems begin to surface.

If you or someone you know would like help dealing with a past abortion, then please consider utilizing any of the below options; 

  • Small Group Session at the PRC
    • Clients and facilitators have each had an abortion, and 
    • These small and intimate sessions are caring, confidential, and free.
    • To sign-up for a session you can email us to; 
      • Find out about the next regularly scheduled session, and/or
      • Suggest specific dates during which a session might be organized.
  • Online Course:  If you are not ready to join a small group right now, we understand and so offer you the option of either of the below online courses to start your healing journey, free of charge!

.........For Women                           

.........For Men

To ask any question about the program, and/or to connect with one of the program leaders, please send an email inquiry.

Next Small Group

Week of May 14 (7 - 9 p.m.)

The specific day of the week will be determined based upon input from registered participants.

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