Reality Check

Sexual Health & Relationships

In today's society, students are exposed to information, pressures, and temptations at a much younger age.

The Reality Check team presents lessons in Utah public and private schools, detention centers, youth groups, and community organizations, teaching our youth how to navigate the challenges, obstacles, and temptations they face in adolescence and beyond.

Topics typically covered include; 

  1. Value of Character Development
  2. Value of Healthy Relationships
  3. Value of Starting Over
  4. Value of Future Goals
  5. Value of Refusal Skills
  6. Value of Appreciating Others
  7. Value of Family & Marriage
  8. Value of Sexual Delay
  9. Thinking Skills & Self Regulation
  10. Help for Sexual Abuse

A key factor in the success of this program is having presenters who use effective teaching methodologies and current scientific & medical information, but most importantly having presenters who care about and respect each student.

If you have any questions about the program, would like to become a presenter, or would like to encourage your local school district/public school or private/parochial school to invite Reality Check into your classrooms, please send an email inquiry.

Reality Check also presents a 4 hour Family Seminar designed for churches or organizations.  
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