Stepping Up

Mentoring for Dads

Fathers are encouraged to participate with mothers in our Life Steps program; however, dads have needs that are specific to them, so having a male mentor from whom one can obtain advice or just a "listening ear" can be invaluable.  Whether meeting with a mentor at the PRC itself or chatting and/or sending texts/emails back and forth, this program is designed to be flexible in content and scheduling.  

If interested in obtaining more details about arranging for a mentor, either contact our Client Services Manager (email; 801-363-5433) or ask your Client Advocate during an appointment here at the center.

Additionally, dads who have been assigned a mentor can request detailed information or to take a lesson about; 

  • The roles that dads fill
  • Being a positive role model
  • The importance of spending effective and healthy time with children
  • Why treating my child's mother with respect is vital
  • The "Big Ideas" of discipline
  • The importance of being a consistent father