Advocates for Life

Even if you cannot fill a volunteer opportunity here at the center (view list), that doesn't mean you can't be a vital part of the PRC's efforts to fulfill its mission!

We are in need of people who can assist with spreading the word about our services, impact, events, etc. to your personal and professsional communities.

Become an Advocate for Life by doing any of the following:

     1.  Add any or all of the below links to your website(s) and/or social media site(s),

          a.   Our website (, 

          b.   Our Facebook page for supporters (,

          c.   Our Facebook page for clients (,

          d.   Our "Donate when Shopping" landing page (, and/or

          e.  This page (

     2.  * Distribute PRC generated brochures and/or promotiional pieces within your communities,

     3.  * Submit editorials to your local media outlets about the PRC, 

     4.  * Post PRC events onto community calendars, community event pages, etc., and/or 

     5.  Encourage others to duplicate your efforts.

 Any questions about becoming an Advocate for Life should be directed to our Executive Director (email; 801-994-4981).

* Before attempting to do these, please obtain permssion from our Executive Director.