The below listed opportunities require the following be completed before one begins his/her volunteer experience;

  1. Submission of an application (access one of the links to the left),
    Each applicant must signify his/her full agreement with our Statement of Faith,

  2. A tour of our facility (scheduled by the PRC) along with 
    An interview with our Client Services Manager & Executive Director, and 

  3. Training conducted at the PRC.


  • Client Advocate - Counsel clients about the options of adoption, abortion, and parenting in order for them to make an informed decision about their pregnancy. Provide literature and referrals that are relevant to their situation. Be a support person for clients and provide a loving, non-judgmental atmosphere in order to build trust with each client and be there for her during times of crisis.
  • Parent Advocate - Educate clients throughout their pregnancy, and during the first year of parenting. Be available for questions as well as provide emotional support throughout their time of transition into parenthood.
  • Resource Advocate - Monitor clients as they shop in our store for baby items. Help them pick out clothes and various necessities for their baby. Keep track of inventory and make sure the store is presentable for clients.
  • Father Mentor - Educate fathers about how to be good dads and the important role that a father has in a child's life. Be available for questions, suggestions, encouragement, and support.
  • Medical Services – Nurses and other medical professionals are involved with counseling and teaching clients about pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections/ Diseases. These volunteers are specially trained to perform limited obstetrical ultrasounds under the supervision of our medical director, Dr. Fred Seale, MD, OB/GYN.
  • Post Abortion Facilitator - Lead or co lead a small group of men or women who are seeking healing for a past abortion. Offer love, encouragement, and a safe place to open up past wounds, and find healing through Jesus Christ. This group is only led by women or men who have personally experienced the choice of abortion in their own lives and have found the healing and forgiveness in Jesus Christ.
  • Abstinence Presenter – Join our team of presenters (Reality Check) who teach from curriculum in area schools about developing strong and meaningful relationships and making informed decisions about sexuality.  The interview process and training for this program is separate from those for other volunteers.

If you have any questions or concerns about these positions and/or the process of submitting an application, please contact our Client Services Manager (email; 801-363-5433)..

The below listed opportunities only require minimal training.

Clothesline - Help assist our volunteer Clothesline Manager in order to keep our resource area organized and efficient for our clients. Sort clothes, search the Internet for recalls, tag clothes, etc.

Group or Individual Projects - For those who would like to volunteer one time or on a recurring basis we have many opportunities for you as well. Examples include:

  1. Sorting clothes,
  2. Assist with mailings,
  3. Assist with clerical & data entry tasks,
  4. Yard work and/or light maintenance within our facilty, and/or
  5. Throw a baby shower at your church or home, etc.

If interested, please contact our Client Services Manager (email; 801-363-5433).

The below listed opportunities only require approval from the organization being represented and/or the PRC Executive Director.

Ambassadors for Life  -  Act as liaisons between their organization (Church, Rotary Club, etc.) and the PRC and assist with promoting PRC events within their organization.  
For more details please contact our Executive Director (email; 801-994-4981).

For additional information about Church Partners click here.

Advocates for Life  -  Help us, especially over social media outlets to get the word out about our services, events, etc.  For information click here.


Training Sessions

A volunteer application, tour, and interview typically need to be completed a month before one can be signed-up for the next training sessions.

Please refer to this page to find the dates for future training sessions.